Wind – Energy by air

The wind turbines – Modern wind turbines usually consist of one mast, a nacelle, the rotor blades, a gearbox, the rotor shaft, the generator and control flags.

The task of wind turbines is to win electrical power with the aid of the wind. So, the kinetic energy of the wind arises to generate energy. This is possible because of different air pressure conditions near the earth’s surface and higher air layers. By passing the wings a buoyancy is generated that makes the wings rotate.

Wind Energy History – Many years ago, humans succeeded to use the power of the wind. Windmills helped to grind grains.Wind power was also used to sail the sea by ship. Basically, there is no difference if you compare the generation of energy of former times with nowadays. . Advantages of wind power- As with all sources of renewable energy, the advantages are obvious. Fewer pollutants are produced during the process.Moreover, a source is used that is inexhaustible.

Wind Potentials – To successfully implement the concept of renewable energies, wind power is very important because we can produce ten times more energy than we consume only through wind power.


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