Renewable Energy

Why we should promote renewable energy in Kazakhstan for a flourishing future.

There is a growing awareness that fossil fuels like coal or oil will be coming to an end. For example, the oil production rate cannot be increased on and on, and at the same time, climate change becomes more and more obvious. The reports of melting glaciers, more frequent changes in the weather, dehydrating rivers or forest fires occur more often than ever.

Humans are not only forced to save energy, but also to produce them as environmentally and climate-friendly as possible. Therefore, the development and expansion of renewable energies need to be developed further.


Energy by the sun


Energy by air


Energy by water


Energy by organic


Energy by earth

Compared with fossil fuels, solar and hydroelectric power, geothermal energy, wind energy or biomass are not only climate-friendly, but also virtually unlimited. But it’s not the same all over the world. Wind does not blow equally strong in all areas, and the geothermal heat in some areas is more powerful than in others – depending on geological conditions. In order to seize the opportunities for the future, it makes sense to use all sources of energy depending on the geographical location.

The possibilities depend on the regional conditions, but also on what the energy should be used for. In addition to the solar power , wood and geothermal energy can be used for heating a building. Heating with electricity, even if it is produced by solar power, is pure waste and too expensive.