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Kazakhstan has been very successful in the realization of renewable energy projects for years. In 2013, the first pure wind farm opened in Ereymentau. It has a pioneering role for a new Kazakhstan. This facility has created a milestone for a better Kazakhstan.

There are already more than 26 active plants that generate a total of 177 megawatts of renewable energy. These include three wind farms in the north, two in the south, 15 hydropower plants in the southeastern part of Kazakhstan and five solar power plants in the south and a biomass power plant. In total, more than 100 further plants are planned by 2020.

The power plants which are earliest in operation can be found on our interactive map in the lower part of this page. See for yourself how Kazakhstan has already changed and how it is becoming a role model for neighbouring countries in Central Asia. Kazakhstan has a vision and all of Asia is watching you. Together let us create a better, more ecological, powerful Kazakhstan.

Auctions for Renewable Energy Projects in Kazakhstan (2018)

Energy Source

Location (Feed-In-Region)

Newly installed power (in MW per Auction)

In spring

Wind North 20 + 50
West 10 + 50
South 10
Solar West and North 10
South 20 + 50
Water North and South 20
Biogas Countrywide 5

In Autumn

Wind North 50 + 250
West 50
South 30 + 100
Solar West 30
South 30 + 150
Water North and South 55
Biogas Countrywide 10

(

Current tenders

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