Would YOU like to get a job in the industry of renewable energy? The Kazakh economy expects to create more than 500,000 new jobs and new industries and services by 2050. With ambitious plans for the year 2050, the government starts its influence in the field of renewable energies.

By 2050 30% of the total energy will come from renewable sources. This energy transition creates exciting new jobs and fields of activity you don’t notice at first. The energy transition includes more activities than the development of products for example including planning, legal opinions, financing, installation, commissioning and maintenance. In other countries, more than 10 million people have made a living from renewable energy sources. In the last year alone, 260,000 jobs were created through renewable energy.

There are Many Views how we can profit from this One Vision. For example is this energy turnaround creating exciting new jobs and fields of activity that one does not notice at first.