Energy Efficiency

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Energy saving – Energy transport region-related

The huge territory (2.7 million km²) and the low population density (six people / km²) is often an obstacle to the development of the regions; many settlements are located far away from large power plants. The long transport routes through electrical cable systems cause large energy losses (up to 60%). The laying of new power lines as well as the maintenance are very expensive and often unprofitable. That is why it is all the more important to us that the renewable energy in our area be expanded, thereby reducing energy losses and increasing security of supply. We also have enormous savings potential in the energy sector. The wind farm in Ereymentau (see Best Practices) saves 60,000 tonnes of coal per year and reduces the emission of polluting greenhouse gases. But each and one of us can contribute to improving it. There are many ways we can do that. For example, we can switch off the lights when leaving the room or save energy while cooking. How exactly this works you can see in the interactive quiz at the bottom. Get an overview of your personal savings potential and see how you can do something good for the environment and at the same time save a lot of money.