Biomass – Energy by organic material

Biomass is any kind of organic matter, for example plant waste from farming like cereals, wood, garbage or dung. The first step is to turn the biomass into biogas; this is realized by a bioreactor.  Bioreactors are vessels or tanks which collect biomass. Induced by this chemical process, the biomass starts to produce biogas. The gas can be used as fuel for cars or power plants; even the rest of the biomass is used as fertilizer by farmers. A biomass power plant works like a conventional fossil fuel power station, but instead of burning oil, it burns biomass or biogas with the additional advantage that the burned raw material can become growth again. The waste heat that is produced is delivered through pipes to cities to supply the houses with it. So, the population doesn’t need another system to heat their houses. With a small invest, every fossil fuel power station can be turned into a biomass power plant.


Energy by the sun


Energy by air


Energy by water


Energy by organic


Energy by earth